Friday, October 3, 2014

Miss Alice Beret

I found some oldies on a flash drive!!! Wow, that long hair. I'm wearing the Miss Alice Beret knit by Carrie Strine.

Miss Alice Beret
Miss Alice Beret
Miss Alice Beret
Miss Alice Beret
Miss Alice Beret

Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer FO's

These are my summer of fun FO's! I did the majority of knitting on all of these while I was on the road, a.k.a. knitting in the car. And I LOVE all of them!!! It's so great when you finish something and it's everything you hoped it would be. I hate putting knits in my unloved box, but life is too short to wear stuff you don't love. IMO.

Finished object!!! #greatdivideshawlkal #greatdivideshawlkalfinished #spunrightround #missbabs #knitting
This is my Great Divide shawl designed by Michele Brown. I used a skein of Spun Right Round DK in the Intense colorway and part of my Miss Babs Yowza skein in Deep Sea Jellyfish. This pattern is very popular and I can see why. It knits up SO fast using DK and the pattern is easy but not boring, and it's the best way to use up single skeins of crazy variegated yarn. Even better, I won a prize for entering my shawl into a KAL on Instagram!!!

Way too hot to be wearing this!!! Only for you, Instagram! #FO #knitting #shalimaryarns #cowl
I knit this pink cowl as a test knit for Andrea Rangel. The yarn I used is Shalimar Breathless in Love Potion. It is SO soft!!! Zomg. Probably the most expensive skein of yarn I've ever purchased and oh so worth it. Andrea's design is super functional and modern. I love to wear cowls that are large and chunky or fitted to the neck. The pattern is called Fietser and coordinates with a matching pair of mitts which I have not made yet, but need to.

Finally snapped a decent photo of my finished #menehuneshawl !!! #withmelnow #viceyarn #longbeach @mskiknits
Here is a shawlette I knit with the most amazing skein of yarn I found at Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno. The yarn is Vice Paradigm and this color is Morning Glory. I had no idea what I was going to make with it until I watched MSkiKnits podcast and knit along with her. The pattern is called Menehune and looks simple but has lots of interesting design elements. It was fun to knit and didn't overpower my gorgeous yarn. The finished shawl reminds me of tie dye!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Knitting Project Bags

I'm officially back to school again and studying like mad, but still finding a little time to play with fabric. I drew up a couple of patchwork templates for drawstring project bags and opened up my shop again. For starters, there is a small one and a large one. They are both very roomy and hold lots of yarn. Patchwork is great for jamming in as many cute fabrics as possible into one bag!!!

Ghost Pirate Small

Halloween Large

I won't be making tons of these obviously. It is still just my hobby and I have no plans to change that in the future, but I love to be able to share some of what I make with you. I often have extra knit samples from my sporadic design efforts too. I've got a dozen projects at least on the needles. I can't wait to finish and show them off!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hats Off

Finished for my trip to the Sequoia National Park but it was too warm to wear, even at 7,000ft! #knitting #quinceandco #tinyowlknits
I finished two hats in the last week. The first one I finished specifically so that I could wear on my trip to the Sequoia National Park. It finished drying in the car on the drive there! The pattern is called Orchids and Fairy Lights by Tiny Owl Knits and I used Quince and Co. Lark in the color Glacier. This hat was so tedious to knit! The cables are all two stitches and I knit them using the twist method without a cable needle but there were just so many of them. haha. I am realizing that I am not much of a cable knitter, although I like them visually. Bobbles though, I love! And they are fun to make. I sized down in needles since the finished projects for this pattern seemed rather large. I'm glad I did because the fit is absolutely perfect. The color is amazing too! The perfect light grey with barely a hint of oatmeal. Sadly I did not get to wear the hat during my campout. It was way too warm, I hardly needed a sleeping bag at night and only wore my sweater to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitos.

Sequoia National Park
I had no idea that the Sequoia National Park was such a popular tourist destination! Although, now I understand why. It is absolutely breathtaking! Our campsite was at 7,000ft and quite out of the way, but there were lots of tourists on the main road through the park. The air was very dry and more than one of us experienced nose bleeds. There were also more bugs than I have ever experienced while camping! I practically showered in bug spray. Seeing the sequoias was more than worth it though! We went on a couple of easy hikes. One of them was at the top of Mineral King Canyon where we saw at least a dozen yellow marmots yelping at us, and babies too!

Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park
My first #fairisle project! #quinceandco #laurelhurst #knitting
I started this fair isle hat on the drive to our campsite and finished it soon after I got home. It is my first completed fair isle project! I've attempted quite a few. The pattern is called Laurelhurst by NW Foraged and I used Quince and Co. Lark in Egret. The contrast color is the leftover from the Fairy Lights hat, Lark in Glacier. I'm very happy with how the colorwork turned out! It fits very well also. My only complaint about the pattern is that the crown decreases are a little too quick and pointy at the same time, but it could just be the thickness of the yarn I chose. Who knows, I may rip out the top and redo it. I would use my favorite decrease method, which is just starting the decreases sooner and then decreasing quicker on the last 3 or 4 rounds to create a flatter top. Some hats look awesome with a shorter crown, but the yarn needs to have more drape,  I think,  to really achieve that cinched in effect.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yarn Along

This week I'm test knitting a pattern for the very talented Andrea Rangel. Can't wait to show you guys the finished piece once she's published the pattern! The yarn color is accurate but somehow the teals and greens are much more overpowering in person. It's fingering weight superwash merino, very  sturdy but still soft.

I'm reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I'm on book one and I've been reading it for awhile but I love that I can always pick it up and remember exactly what was happening. Murakami always feels like a dream, yet startlingly real at the same time. It's very hard to forget his worlds. They are like permanent places you can go back to in your mind, again and again.

I couldn't snap a photo of my iPhone like Liesl Made, but the album I'm listening to this week is Riptide by Vance Joy and Post Tropical by James Vincent McMorrow is another record I've been obsessed with this summer.

What are you knitting and reading right now? Participate in the yarn along here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spooky Sacks

Spooky Project Bags
Spooky Project Bags
So what do you think of the adorable fabric I found? Ghost captains, pirate bunnies, and trick or treaters!!! I think I've satisfied my sewing bug for awhile. The small pink one is for socks and I included a center divider. The medium halloween one is holding my newest project, a Lobelia, and the large ship crew one is for sweaters. I did not add a divider for the two larger sizes because it limits how much I can fit in the bags. The sweater I put in the largest sack will hopefully be my next FO so I'll keep that one a surprise!

Sweater Sack
Large size #socksack for sweaters!  #ghostpirates #sewing #projectbag
The pattern I used is called Sock Sack by Ramona Rose. I found all of the fabric on etsy. The fabric for the small pink bag and large white bag (including the linings) are part of the Seven Seas line by Cloud9 and the fabric for the medium halloween bag is part of the Too Cute To Spook line by Riley Blake. I made a few changes from the first two bags I made. I added topstitching around the drawstring holder (which I went back and added to ALL of my bags) and used waxed cotton cord and toggles for the drawstring. I almost always see grosgrain ribbon used to close project bags, and that is what I started using also, but it drives me crazy when the ribbon twists up! I am sooooo glad I tried the cord because I LOVE it!!! The toggles are just there to keep the knotted ends of the cord from slipping inside of the fabric tube. And... of course I replaced the ribbon on all of my project bags with cord.

I have been knitting for years without using projects bags. I typically carry my knitting around in canvas tote bags which does the job but the thing that makes these awesome is that they stay upright and hold the working yarn. Much less tempting as cat pillows also! And very cute! Now I can toss the project bags in my tote bags without getting my keys tangled up in yarn!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Half Moon Shawl

Half Moon Shawl
Half Moon Shawl
I've finished another shawl in my shawl knitting spree, which is not likely to slow down any time soon! This pattern is called Occitan by Beth Kling. When I first saw this design I was drawn to its half circle shape and the increase details. The lace is not too flowery and so it works well with variegated yarn. There are numerous amazing versions knit up with variegated yarn on ravelry's project pages! Sadly the yarn I used, Stitches Under The Sun, is closing up shop but there may be a couple of things left in her etsy store. I added extra lace repeats in the middle section just so I could use more yarn, it is so pretty!!! I cast on this and have been sewing up more project bags with the cutest fabric ever.